Our Ethic


From the dawn of mankind, man has traded goods and services: the sweat from their brow, the creation of the mind, the revelation of the soul. Trading with neighbors next door, neighbors in the next village, and neighbors across the sea.

Becoming more skilled from hands on training or education this became their TRADE. At the core of this custom of honorable exchange was a tradition of integrity. This was a time when a one’s word was his bond, livelihood hinged on reputation, and the quality of this craftsmanship reflected the measure of his character.

The age of manliness has reemerged with a modern and sophisticated edge. The gentlemanly arts of leather- and wood-crafting and urban farming are reawakening a new generation to the pride of creating with one’s own hands and the satisfaction of a solid day’s work.

Modern technology has merged with timeless methods and natural materials to harness the best of what men can be: ruggedly sophisticated.

When they get back to nature for a weekend, a must is a sketch pad to write reflections, along with a dog-eared copy of classic literature, a biography of a person that has been an influence, possibly poems to expand thoughts. Appreciates “going green”, and “keeping it local” without shunning the enhancements of modern and global living. Is well read, well mannered, and well groomed, but never passive. Values ageless and enduring over the trendy and fleeting and is looking for the quality of quantity in merchandise and design.

TRADE is the store for such a Tradesman as this.

Our Story

TRADE launched in November of 2013 as a holiday pop-up in a 240 square foot lobby of an empty office space in downtown Oklahoma City.

An experiment intended to last a few weeks stretched to several months, and TRADE became a permanent space in Oklahoma City’s historic Midtown District during the fall of 2014 across the street from the landmark McNellie's Pub...

When changes in family life made running TRADE untenable, it appeared the doors would be closing forever...  but everything happens for a reason and the vision continued with changes made in the fall of 2016.

With the new vision, deep love for this city and the people that make it up. TRADE has become a staple in it's a place as we continue build deep relationships with people of all TRADE's in OKC and across the country that live a lifestyle of Rugged Sophistication.